VKontakte page promotion

29 April 2019

The popularity of social media made VKontakte a great platform for trade, advertisement and making deals. In order to sell or advertise your products through VK one should create a page where you tell the users about your offers and attract target customers. A lot of successful business projects were realized with the help of VKontakte social media.

Promotion of vkontakte page is a great way to get profit. An account with many subscribers can be easily monetized. VKontakte page can be promoted for free. But for more effective promotion some investment is needed.

What for to boost subscribers at VKontakte page?

The popularity of products in social networks is reflected in real life with time. However, it’s not enough to create an account to make a product popular. The main task is to attract as many users to your page as possible. As far as the success of an advertising company depends on this, the more popular your page is, the more prospective customers will be interested in your activity.

Boosting of VK subscribers is necessary for those who are interested in effective and affordable advertising of their products and services. First of all, it is necessary for:

  • owners of online shops;
  • users who distribute info products;
  • freelancers: translators, designers, copywriters and other people who work remotely and are in need of customers and clients;
  • bloggers, celebrities – in other words, those who need popularity;
  • other users who want to make money online.

Page promotion on social media is the key element of the resource monetization. Every day popular accounts are visited by thousands of users, each of whom becomes a targeted consumer of products and goods.

If you would like to make money from VK page - first of all, you need to promote it. In this respect, a lot of vkontakte accounts owners wonder what are the ways of promotion and whether a page can be promoted for free?

Ways to promote VKontakte page


A page on social media can be created in a few minutes. But making it popular requires a lot of time because one needs to attract as many subscribers as possible.

There are a lot of ways to promote VK page, the most popular are:

1. Self promotion

The easiest free way to boost subscribers, which allows to increase subscribers, is to add friends manually. But you should bear in mind that according to VK terms and conditions one can send not more than 50 friend requests per day. For users to subscribe to the page themselves, they need to be attracted by unique content, opinion polls, competitions or to open a discussion on an interesting topic. Regular posts with attractive photo and urgent news will increase your rating in the news feed. It is possible to promote VK page for free and quickly if to use the above methods.

2. Paid promotion

It presupposes attraction of targeted users with the help of targeted ad and ad in popular groups. Such services are not cheap that is why if you’ve just started, you’d better choose more cost-effective methods – paid services and broker’s boards which find channels of accounts’ promotion automatically.

3. Promotion with the help of special services

It is the most popular and effective method to boost subscribers at VKontakte pages, especially for those who monetize their publics and pages. There are a lot of companies that provide such services on the Web. The choice must be taken seriously.

How to promote VK page with the help of special services?



Self promotion may take a lot of time without the expected result. Quick VK page promotion is possible by special service to boost real subscribers. Such a method will allow to achieve a positive result as soon as possible.

If you need to quickly boost subscribers at your VK page, sign up at smmbooster.ru service. The program on VK pages promotion will help to get real subscribers, likes and reposts – the most efficient assistance to all businessmen and users on the Web who need their accounts promotion. Each new publication on your page on social media will automatically get to the service and receive likes and impressions.

Subscribers and likes boost at VK page with the help of special services is quicker and handier way to add real users. Only real people who will be active on the pages.


Primary benefits from VK page promotion by the service SMMBOOSTER


The service Smmbooster experts deliver custom service and offer the most beneficial and effective way to promote page in VKontakte.

Advantages of ordering the service at Smmbooster:

  1. Possibility to get qualitative subscribers with guarantee
  2. Quick consideration of applications.
  3. Positive reviews about the service in the Internet.
  4. Boosting of real subscribers who will like and comment photos.
  5. Low price for the services.

VK page promotion with the help of social services is a real way to increase sales, attract clients and earn more money. Promotion is closely related to monetization: a popular account is a perspective platform for making money.


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