Instagram Boosting: Good or Bad?

28 March 2019

A large number of subscribers and likes on Instagram is significant factor contributing to the success of a social network account. Thousands of "hearts" and "likes" attract advertisers, investors and business partners. If your Instagram account is popular you can make profit: it is the way online business works.



How to get likes?

You can get a large number of likes in various way. We recommend posting exciting and sharp topics for discussion, unusual photos that will attract the attention, hold lotteries for subscribers, etc. Everybody knows that many beginners use special paid services for boosting their subscription base to promote their Instagram page, to get more likes and subscribers.


Instagram boosting can be done by special services, applications and programs. Some programs create bots to automatically like, comment and subscribe to various user pages. There is a high demand for such services.

The main advantage of boosting is creating an impression of social approval. Users are more actively to join the group with more subscribers. Not all boosted Instagram pages get popular because we have to understand the quality of the likes and subscribers? Is Instagram boosting good or bad?

Why do you need Instagram likes and subscribers?

Instagram users are happy when their account, page, group or community is popular. It means that people like and follow the creative and useful content including photographs, publications, posts. Instagram likes and subscriptions indicate that the account stands out among others. Even celebrities use Instagram pages for promotion.

If you have online business like online store or service you also need to promote your brand and build loyal customers base.
Why do you need likes on Instagram:

  • to attract the target audience;

  • to attract potential buyers;

  • to study and determine customer needs.

Thousands of likes on Instagram give you an opportunity to get into the TOP of the best publications with hashtags. They help your photos to be included in the categories "Interesting" and "Recommended" so more Instagram users will see your post. Many Instagram likes are assessme factor for your profile and quality of publications. The more likes and comments on your Instagram page, the more interesting and popular it is.

How to use your Instagram followers and likes

Many likes and Instagram subscribers build popularity of your Instagram account in many ways:


1. They are the signs of popularity and reputation of your Instagram account. Ma brands, stores, manufacturers, companies and famous personalities use Instagram for promotion and advertising. Instagram likes are sure way to attract more organic traffic to your account.


2. Your devoted followers are your best advertisers! They attract new customers. The more likes your photo collects, the more buyers are interested in the product. When publishing a photo, you need likes, because when susers use hashtag they see your photo. it motivates them to leave more comments and hearts. Use hashtags to add interest and improve chances that more followers will find and subscribe to your page.

3. Instagram users know that old photos and posts can disappear for unknown reasons. Post fresh content if you want to keep your followers interested and engaged. It can happen even if the old photo got many views and likes.


Your posts and photos need to have as many likes as possible. They also need to generate discussions. In such case they are more likely to appear on the first pages of hashtags and add even more popularity and subscriptions.



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